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People always come first.

At Game Day Box we live by a very simple principle: People always come first. Whether that means our employees, subscribers, our neighbors, the community and our family. People always come first for us. That is why we partnered with an amazing organization, Together We Rise.

They are a phenomenal charity that helps children in foster care across the country. Every single day 1200 children enter Foster Care in America. Together We Rise changes the way kids experience the system. Whether it is by helping send the kids to college, getting kids adopted, getting them involved in sports, helping how they experience moving from home to home or by sending them to Disney World; Together We Rise does remarkable work.

Many foster youth are very resilient; by surviving day-to-day and placement-to-placement they become strong, self-reliant and determined. If given the same opportunities and supports as other young people, they can achieve great success.

That is why we are happy to donate 1% of our total sales each month to help the youth in foster care.

To learn more about local opportunities in your neighborhood and how you can help, click on the button below.

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A little about our Game Day Box mission…

We're sports nuts, just like you, that can't get enough of our favorite teams. With extensive backgrounds in retail and sports manufacturing, we understand the sports industry. An industry with huge royalties to the leagues and large markups by its retailers (upwards of 60% on items) that drive prices to regions most families can't afford. We are here to change that game. We know we will make the sports industry a more competitive market by bringing you Game Day Box, and we will continue to grow into more than just a subscription company to change the future of the sports industry for the benefit of its fans. We guarantee to drive value to you, make sure you have the latest products and get you gear you will be proud to show off no matter where you live. We also GUARANTEE that your box's retail value will greatly exceed your monthly subscription fee every month.

Meet our Founder

Nick T

Being a Father and Loving Husband are the most important jobs I operate on a daily basis.

Lover of all sports (Liverpool FC has a special place in his heart), player of many growing up, master of none.

Doing things the way they've always been done has never been appealing to him. Always challenging the status quo and when he hears "that's the way its always been" - his blood boils.

Living your life in a cubicle is no way to live. Living proof that if you follow your dreams and work as hard as you can (and then some) , anything and everything is possible.

How it all started

We left the comfort of our cubicles to bring a better retail world to the sports nut.

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In the beginning...

Our founder was a buyer of sports merchandise for a national chain that has over 8,000 stores. After experiencing both sides of the system, he realized there is a major flaw in the sports industry.

It just costs too damn much to take your family to a game AND buy merchandise to outfit the family. Retailers charge upwards of 60-70% on top of what they pay for gear, AFTER the manufacturer pays over 20% in royalties to the leagues. It is easy to see how a $1 item becomes a $5 item at retail when you slap a team logo on it.

By keeping our margins at a minimum, we can fill our boxes with higher quality products at lower costs to provide our subscribers with an amazing subscription box. We make our subscribers proud to own the products they receive.

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Where we are today...

We set out with a mission to have fun while changing the sports industry game -- and we are doing just that. Launching our first box in December 2015, we have received tremendous feedback, support and trust. We look forward to continuing our growth with you and challenging the status quo of paying $29.99 for an NFL t-shirt that costs $10 to make.

Are you ready to subscribe to Game Day Box yet?

We stand by our promise that each and every box we ship out easily exceeds what you pay- whether you price check us at Amazon, Dick's Sporting Goods, or the local street vendor selling knock offs on the way into the stadium. We are here to make the sport's fan life, a better life.

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